Since graduating from York University in 1984, I have worked as a pianist, composer, arranger and teacher. Whether performing classical recitals, accompanying for "Young Musician of the Year" or hosting lectures on Jazz, Theory and Composition, I have sought to combine expertise and versatility in equal measure.

As a solo pianist, I’ve always enjoyed the flexibility of playing in a number of different styles – ranging from Classical to Jazz, and from Rock & Roll to 'Songs from the Shows'. I have played in places such as concert halls and jazz/blues festivals for a number of clients including corporate events, hotels & private parties.

I have also enjoyed working as an ensemble player, having set up and performed in a number of bands covering styles as diverse as Bebop and Rock & Roll.

Together with my wife Kate, I formed the duo “Siren” in 2012. Kate alternates between clarinet and saxophone, and the repertoire we offer is a combination of popular Classical material, light Jazz, 'Songs from the Shows' and well known hits from the 60s to 80s.

In 2007, I formed “$ouled Out”, a 6 piece Rock & Roll Function Band specializing in Classic Rock & Blues, playing songs by the likes of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Kinks. Featuring some of the best musicians in the North East, our slogan might well be "OUT with the new and IN with the old"!