I have taught piano and theory to people of all ages and all standards for over 30 years. Whether you’re preparing for a “Grade” examination, GCSE, A level or a Degree, I can provide clarity, insight and knowledge to help you develop your various musical skills. My services cover a diversity of topics – ranging from Classical Performance to Jazz/Blues Improvisation, Arrangement, Composition and Music History.

My approach to music may be best summed up as "holistic". Essentially, I believe that beauty can be inherent in any style. My influences range from Bach to Chopin to Oscar Petersen, Chick Corea, Bob Dylan, Madness and Radiohead, and I believe that this is reflected in the way I teach.

My lessons are "student - centred". Whether a student wishes to play Beethoven or prefers to knock out some Oasis, I will contrive to ensure that any prospective performance is secure both technically and musically. At the same time, I will encourage students to open their minds to a host of other musical styles and point out connections and analogies that they may have missed. I also believe in the importance of "structured practice" - approximately 2/3rds of practice time given to scales/studies/repertoire and a 1/3 to aural training/improvisation and composition.

Please get in touch via the contact page if you're interested in my services.